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After Party!

Well, that was fun!

We had an amazing time honoring the best of the best of this industry in a whole new way. We had a really fun crowd in our Zoom webinar and on our Facebook live stream. Now you can view and share a recording of the big night so you can celebrate with your colleagues, family and friends.

Check back often, as we’ll be updating this page with social media highlights, behind the scenes pictures – and later a headshot gallery of all the big winners and sponsors!

2019 Winners!

Congratulations to the talented individuals and teams who won their categories this year!

You all represent the best and the brightest in the industry and we’re proud that you are part of PTAA!

2019 Professional & Community Awards

2019 Rookie Maintenance Professional of the Year

The Liberty Group: Award Sponsors

Wyatt Beck

The Reserve at Regents Center

Our Rookie Technician started his career as a temp.  In his first week, he demonstrated a sense of pride, impeccable core values, and the ability to reach goals for himself and his team.  It was clear to his company that Wyatt had a bright future ahead of him.  Since coming on full time, he has obtained his CPO, CFC, and has consistently shown a dedication to his community, residents, and team. Congratulations, Wyatt, we can’t wait to see what your future holds!

2019 Rookie Leasing Professional of the Year

BG Multifamily: Award Sponsors

Andrea Haithcox

Hawthorne at Oak Ridge

Our Leasing Rookie winner joined our industry in May of 2019. In her short time in her position, Andrea has already learned rent posting, event planning, renewal management, social media content creation and so much more. She is described as having a natural disposition for creating relationships with customers that allow them to feel truly important as a resident. She takes the time to learn everyone’s names, pets names, and their favorite hobbies as a way to connect with them. Her journey of success in this industry is just beginning.

2019 Best Supporting Role

Presented by PTAA

Carla Holman

Burkely Communities

There are many positions within our industry that don’t easily fit into our traditional Diamond Award categories. In 2019, we added Best Supporting Role to honor these unsung heroes amongst us. We are so happy to present this award to Carla Holman.  Carla is the Resident Relations and Transportation Manager for Block 43. She has daily contact with their residents shuttling them to and from school. Burkely recognized amazing qualities in Carla and created a new role for her. She now oversees other transportation specialists and also takes the lead on resident conflicts at a 1400 bed student community. When asked what sets her apart from others, she simply said “It is something that comes from the heart. I am the best “me” I can be and I love what I do.”

2019 Leasing Professional of the Year

RentPath: Award Sponsors

Christa Hill

Windor Upon Stonecrest

Our Leasing Professional of the Year believes that the number one key to success in being a Leasing Professional is to always make your customer the priority in every decision you make. To Christa, being genuine in her interactions with others while making sure she is on top of the latest laws in fair housing is very important.  Her co-worker has said of Christa, “She is without a doubt one of the greatest leasing consultants I’ve had the honor of working with. She goes above and beyond and never backs away from a challenge.”

2019 Maintenance Technician of the Year

Presented by PTAA

Chad Arndt

Addison Point

Chad was on this stage last year to accept the Rookie Technician Award. Chad used that recognition as a catalyst to grow in his position and accept a leadership role. He met his goal to become lead diagnostic tech in just five months and now trains new team members on both HVAC and appliance repairs. His supervisor spoke highly of Chad’s excitement to learn new tasks and willingness to accept challenges and responsibilities saying, “Chad is the exact person we want to represent PTAA as Maintenance Technician of the year.”  In addition to his professionalism, he is also kind, patient, and supportive to his team.

2019 Assistant Manager of the Year

Renew-It Master: Award Sponsors

Alexis Hall

Horsepen Creek Apartments

We are so happy to present this award to Alexis for all her hard work and dedication in 2019!  She has been recognized as a rising star within her company and it’s easy to see why. She has been described as energetic, dependable, and supportive to her teammates and residents.  She consistently meets or exceeds her goals of keeping delinquency under 3%.    She continues to look for ways to improve communications within her community and finds opportunities to engage her team and residents.  Even with all her hard work, she found time to receive her NALP designation in 2019.

2019 Maintenance Supervisor of the Year

Spangler Restoration: Award Sponsors

John Frye

Blue Ridge Companies

John Frye is a one man maintenance team at his 88 unit property. His expertise in heating and air repair cannot be matched. He has saved this 1965 originally built community thousands of dollars with his unparalleled skill and dedication. In addition to completing over 1200 service requests in 2019, John has kept current many certifications and credentials while also taking leasing and fair housing courses in order to help better serve prospects when needed.  John is known to assist other properties during REAC inspections as well as troubleshooting HVAC issues.  He attributes his community’s success to he and his manager’s ability to work well together and have the same goals.

2019 Manager of the Year

Loebsack & Brownlee, PLLC: Award Sponsors

Madison Kristy

Wayfare at Garden Crossing

Our Manager of the Year winner is considered by her company as a game changer for her property in 2019. Prior to her arrival, there had been a revolving door of managers, which made for a revolving door of residents. Her stability, commitment and love for her community have made her property’s performance soar. Her property exceeded rent growth by 51.3% by keeping extremely competitive pricing while maintaining an average occupancy of 94%. This is astounding given it being a recent lease up. In addition to many financial triumphs, she was able to transition through this responsibility while obtaining her CAM and many other professional development opportunities. Madison recognizes that her team’s success only comes when they utilize each other’s knowledge and strengths.  She acknowledges this quote by George Shinn, “There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others.”

2019 Regional Manager of the Year

Full House Marketing: Award Sponsors

Chandler Barker

Premier Property Management

Regional Managers often take on great responsibility and challenges while motivating their teams to be the best they can be. Chandler has definitely experienced quite a challenge this past year. He oversees over 1112 units, both student and conventional housing and was able to maintain an average occupancy of 98.8% between all three properties. During peak student leasing season this year, his manager had been promoted to another position with a different company and he stepped in to take the reigns, all while managing a new asset with an abundance of previously hidden construction flaws and required repairs. He was able to keep his team motivated to maintain a 100% occupancy with twice the pre-leased occupancy from previous year. Chandler feels that eliminating the hierarchy “barrier” of positions has helped him be more approachable for all of his team and helps motivate them to go above and beyond.

2019 Corporate Professional of the Year

Colored Dreams Painting Company: Award Sponsors

Kena Sims

Carlisle Residential Properties

Mentor, motivator, strategist, and negotiator are just a few roles Kena fills within her company. With 22 years of experience, Kena has a proven record of being an effective and consummate professional. Her diligence and willingness to step in to create solutions is consistently demonstrated to her on-site and executive teams.  As a PTAA volunteer, Kena serves on three committees including the Board of Directors, Diamond Awards, and Government and Industry Affairs. She has taken that spirit of involvement to the state and national level. While her unwavering professionalism and commitment stand out on their own, it is her kind heart and easy smile that makes her a pleasure to work with.

2019 Turnaround Community of the Year: The Corners at Crystal Lake

Blue Ridge Companies

Liberty Rent: Award Sponsors

The Corners at Crystal Lake was built in 1982.  This Winston-Salem property has undergone an amazing transformation. With interior renovations and other on-site improvements, it’s easy to see how the team at the Corners at Crystal Lake were able to exceed their year to date NOI expectations by an incredible 11.5%. Their residents are loving the socials, events, and the dedication of their on-site staff. 

2019 Conventional Redeveloped Community of the Year: Plant 64

Pennrose Management Company

Plant 64 has people talking!  Recently winning an Elite 1% Ora Award, the DWSP Downtown Excellence Award, and earning a Top Performer for Satisfacts Resident Surveys are just the tip of the iceberg for this former tobacco warehouse turned luxury lofts.   In addition to the praise they are garnering from around town, the 98% average occupancy for 2019 shows that people love this gorgeous community. The 100% earned on their community shop (yes, we said a 100% earned community shop) highlights the outstanding team and praises the use of space that includes the building’s history in the design.

2019 Dynamic Team of the Year

Real Floors, Inc: Award Sponsors

North Lakes Apartments

3 Points Properties

These Dynamic Team video submissions are scored based on demonstrating cohesive teamwork and creativity. North Lakes  video submission shows just how much fun they have coming to work each day. Join us as we watch how this team makes living at North Lakes feel like the party you just can’t miss!

2019 Conventional Property of the Year, built after 2010

Parcel Pending: Award Sponsors

Davis Gardens

Blue Ridge Companies

Davis Gardens is a sweet 55-plus community with hotel style hallway entrances that put the residents and staff all under one roof. This allows the community to have a family atmosphere.  With it’s weekly socials and 75% renewal rate, it’s easy to see Davis Gardens has created a community in the truest sense. The residents speak highly of the amenities, the spacious homes, and mostly of warm and supportive staff. Davis Gardens maintained an annual average occupancy of 96.8% and scored a 95% on their property shop.

2019 Conventional Community of the Year, built before 2010

RediCarpet: Award Sponsors

Hawthorne at Oak Ridge

Hawthorne Residential Partners

Hawthorne at Oak Ridge has undergone many changes through the years. Those changes have certainly paid off as this community continues to shine within their company and in the Triad. This property has received several company awards in their region for the incredible management of resources as well as income growth. When it comes to their monthly resident events, this team does not hold back. They go all out!  It’s no wonder they have maintained a 97% annual occupancy.  Who would want to leave?

2019 Supplier Volunteer of the Year: Hannah Stone

Executive Furniture Leasing

Hannah is what we call a “super volunteer.”  We often wonder where she finds the time and energy to support PTAA like she does. She actively served on five committees; Ambassadors,  Products & Services Council, Trade Show, Programs, and co-chaired ECHO in an amazingly successful year. She attends events and has a heart for service both to the industry and the community at large. We appreciate Hannah so much and are so excited to honor her with the Supplier Partner Volunteer of the Year award.

2019 Owner/ Operator Volunteer of the Year: Lisa Dudzinski

Comet Development

PTAA would not be able to provide our members with the services they need if it weren’t for the work and leadership of our volunteers. Over the last couple of years this person has worn several volunteer hats on behalf of PTAA: volunteering on our Diamond Awards Committee and our Membership Development Committee; representing PTAA in Raleigh as part of AANC’s Legislative Conference; and serving on our Board of Directors. She has been a leader within our industry for years and is now taking on an even greater leadership role at PTAA.  It is my pleasure to present this year’s Owner Member Volunteer of the Year Award to Lisa Dudzinski of Comet Development.

2019 President's Choice Award: Mary Gwyn

Apartment Dynamics

There are not many people who can say that they have had a direct impact on the apartment industry at the local, state and national level and we are very fortunate to have one such person at PTAA. Everything from speaking at the National Apartment Association’s annual Education Conference to teaching CAM modules at PTAA. From interviewing candidates for city council to meeting with US Senators. From serving on the board of directors here at PTAA to serving on the board of the Apartment Association of North Carolina for many years, this year’s President’s Choice recipient is someone whose work has had a tremendous impact on PTAA and our industry. Mary Gwyn has represented PTAA on the Apartment Association of North Carolina’s Board of Directors for well over a decade, and for the last couple of years has served as the chairperson for AANC’s Education Committee. She has advocated for the industry every year in both Raleigh and Washington for literally decades. Mary’s positive impact on our industry literally can’t be measured, and she continues to answer the call whenever she is needed. For all of those reasons and so many more it is my distinct privilege to present the President’s Choice Award to Mary Gwyn of Apartment Dynamics.

2019 Supplier Partner Awards

2019 Rookie Supplier Partner of the Year: Kings III Emergency Communications

Emergency phone systems are not often thought of as an important part of property management…  until you have an inspection quickly approaching.  Our members have spoken of the timeliness, professionalism, and quality of customer service of our Rookie Supplier partner.  Kings III has jumped in with both feet, getting involved in committees, sponsoring and attending events, and working to keep PTAA properties running smoothly. We are excited to present this award to Kings III, congratulations to you!

2019 Advertising & Promotions Supplier of the Year: RentPath

RentPath stands as a model of reliability, value, and keeping up with important trends and information. PTAA members stated that RentPath representatives always go above and beyond in service and are genuinely guided by dedication to help their customers get the return and leases they need. One of their customers said that having RentPath as a vendor partner was like having an industry data expert just a phone call away. Congratulations RentPath, our members really appreciate all you do!

2019 Interior Contractor Supplier of the Year: McNeely Pest Control

Our members really sing the praises of McNeely Pest Control.  One member said, “McNeely is a company I trust fully.” They go above and beyond in ridding communities of unwanted pests and then educate staff on how to avoid issues in the future. Their dedication to our industry and the association is demonstrated in their involvement in nearly every aspect of PTAA from committees to sponsorship to education. Thank you, McNeely, for your knowledge, integrity, and dedication in 2019.

2019 Exterior Contractor Supplier of the Year: Spangler Restoration

PTAA members had a lot to say about Spangler Restoration.  They spoke of their responsiveness, commitment to providing quality work, and their outstanding customer service. One member told us, “Spangler exemplifies what all vendor partners should strive to be; honest and fair.” You can be confident in the work and know the situation is being handled with care and expertise.

2019 Landscaping Supplier of the Year: Long Brothers Landscaping

Long Brothers Landscaping has provided quality workmanship and superior attention to detail for their clients. One PTAA member complimented Long Brothers not only on their superior landscaping expertise, which highlights their curb appeal, but also on their problem solving ability which helped clear up a long standing drainage issue. Long Brothers is a company who understands the challenges in the multifamily industry and meets them head on with expertise and cooperation. Congratulations on serving your clients and our industry so well!

2019 Professional Services Supplier of the Year: BG Multifamily

Dependable, professional, reliable, and knowledgeable are a few of the words that kept coming up when members described BG Multifamily.  One PTAA member said that BG Multifamily was instrumental in helping a short staffed property run smoothly and professionally throughout the year stating that they were never disappointed in the office or maintenance personnel sent.  BG representatives attend nearly every event, sponsoring many, sit on four committees, and provide amazing customer service and support to PTAA members. Thank you BG Multifamily for your service to our members and our industry!

2019 Product Supplier of the Year: Chadwell Supply

Relationships.  Service.  Commitment.  Chadwell Supply continues to bring a small business approach to their ever-expanding reach and success as a maintenance supplier.    As a company, they support the PTAA by sitting on four committees, sponsoring events such as the annual food drive, and providing educational opportunities to maintenance professionals in the Triad. Chadwell has a winning combination of commitment and personalization that serves their customers and our industry beautifully.

2019 Clyde Fitzgerald Owners Cup for Most Meals Raised by a Management Company in the Summer Food Drive

Raised 97,363 meals!

Raised 97,363 meals!

Behind the Scenes

We had a great time chatting with attendees on Zoom and giving away prizes for trivia in the chat! You can catch up on the conversation by reading it HERE.

Social Media Highlights