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2021 Winners!

Congratulations to the talented individuals and teams who won their categories this year!

You all represent the best and the brightest in the industry and we’re proud that you are part of PTAA!

2021 Professional Awards

Jeffrey Anderson

Rookie Maintenance Professional of 2021

Watercourse Apartments | Southwood Realty

2021 was a year of recovery and discovery for the multifamily industry. We had people entering our workforce from other industries and finding their place among our ranks. Jeffrey Anderson has certainly found his place and made an impact on his residents, team and property. Being new to the industry didn’t prevent him from becoming one of the top service techs in his company in 2021. His excellent character and nature were reflected in the hard work and care he demonstrated every day. 

Jessica Eaton

Rookie Leasing Professional of 2021

Windsor Upon Stonecrest  |  Southwood Realty

Our Leasing Rookie winner joined our industry about a year ago. In her short time in her position, she has excelled in more ways than imaginable. Upon completion of her company’s Leasing Training, she received a certificate of achievement in Resident/Prospect connect. She is also part of a team that has an average renewal rate of 76% in 2021. Jessica is known to help prospects and residents navigate the application process, among many other technical challenges in our virtual/digital world. Her journey of success in this industry is just beginning.

Shane Lively

Best Supporting Role in 2021

Hawthorne Residential Partners

Some people are gifted with a personality and demeanor that exudes calm and radiates a sense of understanding that better days are always on their way. Shane is one of these rare individuals. In 2021, Shane used that gift along with his 30 years of experience and expertise to assist when his company had two fires in the same day. His zen-like calm and reassuring nature truly made a difference to impacted team members and residents. He is a dedicated professional who supports his company in many ways, including participating in their apprenticeship program. Despite long and often chaotic days, Shane always shows up with determination and an easy smile.

Susannah Wares

Leasing Professional of 2021

Windsor Upon Stonecrest  |  Southwood Realty

This seasoned Leasing Professional of the Year is described as a marketing guru of her community. In 2021, Susannah incorporated creative tiktok videos to allow prospects to see positive intent during a time where rent-security and anxiety ran high. This creative platform was featured in the local Burlington Times News highlighting this community’s creativity in fostering connections with her residents. She has also said that switching to virtual leasing has motivated her to be a better leasing professional in that she is using listening skills she obtained in NALP class. Her enthusiasm, expert communication skills, and positive attitude has helped Susannah become a top performing leasing professional!

Carlos Catalan

Maintenance Technician of 2021

Matthew Grande  |  Phillips Management Group

Maintenance technicians are in high demand and the current service teams are often working short handed. It’s easy to get hurried and disconnect from the personal side of this job. Carlos really stood out in this category and his positive mindset shone through. He clearly cares about his property and residents. His goal was to ensure they were treated as diligently and kindly as he would his own family. He consistently gives the time and expertise to his job to ensure that things are done correctly the first time. He grows relationships and partnerships with his dedication, knowledge, fairness and positivity.

Lauren Atkinson

Assistant Manager of 2021

Brookberry Park  |  Blue Ridge Companies

In a word, Lauren is exceptional. She shines in every area of her position. Her professionalism, team player attitude and gift for clear communication ensure her company is always well represented. Those qualities along with her gentle demeanor assure her residents that they are in good hands. She seeks out opportunities for professional growth, including attending classes and volunteering at PTAA, AANC, NAA and within her company.

Brett Barney

Bobby Proctor Maintenance Supervisor of 2021

Brookberry Park  |  Blue Ridge Companies

We don’t want to bore you with statistics and honestly, when it comes to Brett, we could go on and on about the measurable metrics that positively impact his property and company. Let’s just hit some of the high notes. Brett led a team that completed 71% of their work orders in under 8 hours and more than 90% are completed within 24. His controlled expenses came in at 4.5% under budget and his team maintains an exemplary 4.9% Satisfacts resident survey score. In addition to all that, he serves the industry as a whole by helping train the future as a volunteer instructor at PTAA.

Dana Fuller

Cynthia Apple Manager of 2021

Lindsey Manor  |  Apartment Dynamics

Dana has shown great leadership and dedication to her team, company and property owner through her results oriented and authentic manor. Her community has maintained a 99.1% occupancy through 2021 with a low 26% turnover ratio. Lindsey Manor changed ownership during 2021 and Dana led her team successfully through this transition with her enthusiasm and positive attitude. She is willing to take on challenges to expand her training all while elevating her own team members into promotions and growth. Congratulations on a successful year especially during such a challenging one!

Lisa Engelke

Regional Manager of 2021

Bell Partners, Inc.

Lisa oversees 1016 units in her portfolio including a lease up community during 2021. This lease up community stabilized in 10 months and ended the year at 97.5% occupancy despite construction and material delays as well as the pandemic challenges.In addition to this record-breaking lease up, Lisa’s loyalty, drive and competence carried over to her team to successfully create communities that their residents are proud to call home. A colleague shared that she embodies the characteristics of the type of Regional Manager anyone would be lucky to have with her commitment, focus, and care.

Ashley Vetter

Corporate Professional of 2021

Phillips Management Group

Inquisitive, kind, proactive, strategic and forward thinking are just a few words that have been used to describe Ashley. She shows dedication and commitment at every turn. In 2021, she saved her company more than $125 thousand dollars with just two initiatives! In addition to that, she also leads her company’s Employee Engagement Committee and uses her creativity and enthusiasm to keep employee retention and satisfaction high.  Ashley believes in leading by example and uses her knowledge and experience for in-company training as well as being a volunteer instructor for PTAA teaching CALP and CAM credentials. Her accomplishments are outstanding.

2021 Community Awards

Madison Woods

Turnaround Community of 2021

Hawthorne Residential Partners

Madison Woods was built in 1967 and had some minor updates through the years. A change in ownership and a new rock star team brought this community into 2021 with a bang! While the in-unit updates, such as plank flooring and modern fixtures and design elements certainly helped increase NOI, the heart of this turnaround winner is in the community the team cultivated. Offering gorgeously updated homes will attract residents, but fostering this sense of community makes them neighbors. They host weekly resident events that bring their residents together and give them pride in their home and community. It’s easy to see why Madison Woods had a renewal ratio of more than 62% and maintained an average occupancy over 97%!

Alamance Reserve

Dynamic Team of 2021

Southwood Realty

These Dynamic Team video submissions are scored based on demonstrating cohesive teamwork, authenticity, and creativity. Alamance Reserve showcases their team spirit in this video with photos from community events to sharing what they each feel makes a successful team.

The Village Lofts

Dynamic Team of 2020

Hawthorne Residential Partners

Comet Greensboro

Conventional Community of 2021 – Less Than 10 Years Old

Bell Partners, Inc.

Comet Greensboro, built in 2021, is a luxury style apartment community built in central Greensboro. This community boasts itself in having all the sophisticated and chic details you would want and a style that feels like home. From elevator access, smart keyless locks, and designer backsplashes and flooring, nothing was forgotten when creating this community for residents. Through construction delays and construction part shortages, this team was able to lease up within 10 months and deliver on timely move ins of their new residents. They exceeded budgeted income by over 30% and NOI by 85%. Their residents are already giving outstanding reviews online yielding a Google score of 4.7 out of 5 as well as being a part of the J Turner Research ORA Elite 1%! They scored a 98% on their community shop with the shopper stating that the maintenance shop was the cleanest and most organized shop she had seen in over 20+ years in this industry! This team is well on their way to creating impeccable homes for residents!

Brookberry Park

Conventional Community of 2021 – More than 10 Years Old

Blue Ridge Companies

Brookberry Park is a gorgeous community with a heart of gold!  The community and team have won several company awards. In 2021, they exceeded NOI by 5% with an average occupancy rate over 98%. They maintain a commitment to give back to the greater community by supporting charitable organizations such as GreeNest, SECU Family House, The Clothing Closet and the Blood Connection. One resident said,  “Hands down the best place I’ve rented in a decade. The community is quiet and well maintained, the apartments are beautiful and spacious and the staff were always kind and helpful.” The Diamond Award judges agreed! The property received a 100% on the property inspection.

2021 President’s Choice Awards

Kelly Willis

Owner/ Operator Volunteer of the Year 2021

Blue Ridge Companies

PTAA would not be able to provide our members with the services they need if it weren’t for the work and leadership of our volunteers. Over the last couple of years Kelly Willis has worn several volunteer hats on behalf of PTAA: volunteering on our Diamond Awards Committee, Programs Committee and the Food Drive Committee. She is always there to give useful ideas, support others, and follows through in every role she is in. She has been a leader within our industry for years and is always there to support the goals of PTAA.

Tyler Lowe

Supplier Partner Volunteer of the Year, 2021

McNeely Pest Control

PTAA is lucky to have so many industry advocates and leaders among our Supplier members. Tyler Lowe is often referred to as a “super volunteer” in that he is always helping in whatever event, class, meeting, or situation that PTAA needs assistance. Tyler has served as a PSC member, committee chair for ECHO, and is also on the PTAA Board of Directors. PTAA is so grateful for the many years he has served as a supplier member and we look forward to his involvement as an Owner Operator of Green Salix Real Estate and PTAA Board President. 

Amanda Williams

Jay Robinson President’s Choice of 2021

BSC Holdings

2021 continued to be a year of challenges for all of us. From COVID, to staffing and supply shortages, our industry continued to pivot and rely on each other to be successful. When reflecting on the past year, many people contributed in different ways, and offered a helping hand that proved to be valuable to many of our members. Amanda Williams’ contributions and commitment never swayed, from sharing perspectives, policies, plans and assistance with our members on weekly calls, to her participation not only at PTAA, but industry-wide committees, boards both local and state levels, to her passionate advocacy with government affairs. Amanda was always available to address issues impacting our industry not only today, but well into the future. This is someone you want on your side and she represents us well in all situations. 

2021 Supplier of the Year Awards


Rookie Supplier Partner of 2021

In 2021, our supplier partners with digital products really were invaluable. They helped us all continue to navigate the virtual divide. Our members had so many wonderful things to say about Zumper, but what came up the most is that Zumper was able to provide virtual products and services they needed that still had a human centric experience that allowed them to connect with their customers personally.


Advertising & Promotions Supplier Partner of 2021

Apartments.com has been praised for their lead accuracy, responsiveness, and broad reach. One member said that Apartments.com is so much more than lead generation. Whitney and her team strive to meet all needs and help communities put their best virtual foot forward. They have been dedicated members of PTAA for more than 25 years and continue to serve the industry at the local, state and national levels.

McNeely Pest Control

Interior Contractor Supplier Partner of 2021

AThe word our members used most for McNeely was SERVICE. They spoke of their amazing customer service at every point of contact. When dealing with pest control, a company has to be professional and knowledgeable. McNeely team members go above and beyond with on-site teams and residents to ensure each interaction is handled respectfully and responsibly. In addition to their excellent service in the field, McNeely supports the industry through their tireless involvement at PTAA and AANC. Congratulations McNeely Pest Control for being a partner our members can count on!

NC Poo Prints

Exterior Contractor Supplier Partner of 2021

This year’s number one is all about number two! PTAA members love Poo Prints! One member said,”NC PooPrints have an incredible service that ensures the safety and beauty of our property for all of our staff, residents and four-legged friends.”
*Our Poo Prints friends were unable to accept the award in person, but they will  be receiving their award and posing for a picture soon!

Long Brothers Landscaping

Landscaping Supplier Partner of 2021

Long Brothers Landscaping has provided quality workmanship and superior attention to detail for their clients. One PTAA member said, “Long Brothers helped my property be the best in show all year long!” In addition to the professional care and beautification they provide, they have also helped with drainage issues, retention pond concerns and even put down 38 acres of pine straw during a hectic two day student housing turn. Congratulations Long Brothers! Our members appreciate your service and support.

Brownlee Whitlow & Praet, PLLC

Professional Services Supplier Partner of 2021

Brownlee, Whitlow and Praet take great pride in their dedication to furthering the multifamily industry through advocacy and involvement. That dedication is evident in their responsiveness, professionalism and support at every level of our industry. They support PTAA as an annual sponsor, event sponsor and involvement in three committees. Our members are thankful to have this knowledge and experience powerhouse just a phone call or an email away. Thank you for all your dedication to the multifamily industry.

Chadwell Supply

Product Supplier Partner of 2021

Chadwell is known for being the best of both worlds! Their pricing and availability is what you would expect from a large, national corporation, but their service and values are that of a family-run small business. PTAA members spoke of their incredible customer service and ability to deliver on their promises. One member told us how impressed they were when their Chadwell sales rep delivered an order to make sure they had it when they needed it. In addition to their outstanding customer service, the Chadwell team supports the industry by being involved at the local, state and national levels. They sit on six committees for PTAA, help plan events, advocate at the state and national levels and even help educate multifamily professionals with webinars and seminars.